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How Long Can the iPhone Video Record?

Depending on your iPhone settings, recording video can take up a lot of storage. It's important to know how long and how much you can record on your iPhone before your limited space runs out. Here are three tips to keep in mind when recording video on your iPhone.

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1) iPhone will continue recording until there is no more free space

Depending on what iPhone you have and your storage plan, iPhones can record a lot of video. However, a small amount of storage would result in your iPhone having less space to record. If you often record video on your iPhone and have a small amount of storage, you can purchase more iCloud storage for as little as $2.99. That way, your phone will always have space for your awesome iPhone videos. While not stored on your physical device, your videos can be easily accessed via the cloud. Newer phones - like the iPhone 11 and up - come with a minimum of 64gb of storage. This will allow you to have more freedom with recording videos and not have to worry so much about your space running out.

2) Larger video formats take up more space per minute of video

The resolution and frame rate determine the size of your iPhone videos. Higher resolutions have better image quality but larger file sizes. A video set to 720p and 30fps will use up 2.4gb per hour of footage. On the other hand, a video set to 4k and 60fps takes up 24gb per hour of footage. We suggest setting your default to 1080p at 30fps for video recording. The video is in full HD, but still has manageable file sizes.

3) Check how much free space you have before starting a video

On your iPhone, go to settings. Go to "General", then click "iPhone Storage". Here, you are able to view the total amount of gigabytes you have. You are also able to view the amount of gigabytes you have used already, so that you are able to keep track of how much storage you have left. In this section, you are also able to view what exactly is taking up most of your storage. For example, iMessage Attachments can take up a lot of space if you're sending voice memos and pictures. Offload some of attachments or delete unused apps to free up space on your iPhone.


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