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How to Convert iPhone Video to MP4

MP4 is the universal video format. iPhones record in MOV format by default, however with the iPhone 8 and up the default may be HEVC format. While these are great formats to record in, they are not as universally accepted for video uploads and playback. Converting your iPhone video to MP4 format will allow you to use it more places. These are three tips to help you better understand how to convert your iPhone videos to MP4.

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Adobe is a software company best known for their photo and video editing. By using Adobe Express, you are easily able to convert your iPhone videos. You can save both the MOV and MP4 formatted videos onto your iPhone or other devices.

2) Upload your video via computer or mobile

Once you click the site, you can login or create a free account. Then, all you need to do is drag and drop any video of your choice to convert your videos from MOV to MP4. Visit the site on your mobile device to upload directly from your phone. Or, you can visit the site through your computer's web browser, and upload your video from your computer.

3) Adobe Creative Cloud Express is free and safe to use

Adobe Creative Cloud Express allows you to create a free account to convert your iPhone videos to MP4 format. Adobe software apps are commonly used for video editing, and is a trusted name brand. You can download Adobe Creative Cloud Express for free for iOS and carry on using it forever. The free version allows you to get a good feel for the software and, unlike many free design apps, your designs won't have a watermark plastered over them, so your videos remain yours. Best of all, you avoid disreputable third-party sites downloading unwanted files onto your devices.


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