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Why Is TikTok Popular?

At this point, even if you don't use the app, you've most likely heard of TikTok and know that it's blown up in the past few years. Like other social media platforms, the app can be used to expand your reach and grow your business. It may seem silly, but consider the demographics: 68% of TikTok users are ages 18-34. If your customer demographic falls in that age range, TikTok could be right for your brand. Read on for more about the app's popularity and how you can harness it for your business.

using tiktok for small business

1) Short Form Videos Grab Our Attention

As we touched upon in last week's blog post, TikTok is the ideal platform for short-form videos (anything under 60 seconds). This kind of content is so bite-sized that viewers can spend an hour straight watching dozens--potentially hundreds--of (vastly) different videos. People are much more likely to watch a 10-second video over a 10-minute video. Even more, the average user is more likely to spend 10 minutes straight watching 10-second clips rather than watching only a few longer videos in that same time span. The app makes it even easier to capture our short attention spans by including a multitude of both original and trending editing features, such as filters, licensed music, audio, text, formatting, and more. When you're able to hop on the latest of these trends in a tiny clip, your audience is more likely to bite. Also, the fact that the content is so short and ideally created in-app, TikTok videos are easy and cheap to make. This means you don't have to worry about high production value or costs. You can make more content that gets to the point, quickly capturing the attention of potential clients and customers.

2) TikTok Algorithm Creates Communities

Ah yes, the infamous social media algorithm. The reason your "suggested" content is eerily on-point (or completely off base after you let a friend scroll through your feed). TikTok pays close attention to how you interact with posts. If you quickly scroll past something, the algorithm will avoid showing you similar videos. Meanwhile, if you watch, rewatch, like, comment, etc., TikTok will suggest more similar content. From there, many users will find themselves in an online space made up of similar, like-minded people. It may sound a little dramatic, but tangible bonds and communities are continuously growing on TikTok. Hashtags, challenges, and trends make it even easier to find your niche (and for your niche to find you!).

3) Use TikTok To Connect With Your Audience

Once you find your community (or communities!) on TikTok, it becomes even easier to connect with your target demographic. The algorithm for members of the community will be more likely to boost your videos and connect you with potential clients, contacts, and partners alike. It's crucial to note, though, that TikTok is interactive. The success of your TikTok account will highly depend upon your active engagement with a variety of posts. JUST posting videos on your account is not enough. You need to like and comment on relevant posts within your target niche, which significantly helps to get your name out there. The app even allows you to reply to comments with video responses. This really highlights your brand's personality and establishes a stronger presence on the platform. From there, the algorithm is more likely to associate your account with the right community. And as TikTok starts suggesting your videos to desired users, you're essentially receiving free targeted advertising.


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