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How to Instagram Grid Layout

If you frequent Instagram, you're probably already familiar with the grid (even if you didn't know it!). When going to a user's profile, under their username and bio, all of their posts can be seen in a 3-across grid of squares. Many influencers, creatives, and small business owners utilize this formatting to make specific patterns and/or banners. using multiple photo posts. When done right, utilizing the layout this way makes profiles look more aesthetically pleasing, intentional, and professional. Keep reading for a free, easy way to design an Instagram grid layout.

how to instagram grid layout

1) Download a Grid App and Import One Photo

Yep, there's an app! In fact, there are a lot of apps that make grid formatting simple and easy. To make the logo banner on our Instagram page, we used the Grid Post app. Not only is it free, it doesn't even require a login or any types of purchases to unlock features. Naturally, there is a downside, however. There are quite a few ads that will play periodically throughout your design process (which, honestly, feels like a fair tradeoff for how helpful the app i). Overall, we find Grid Post to be intuitive and easy to use. When creating a banner or large design across your Instagram profile grid, it's crucial you use only one photo. Choose a photo that is relatively large in size and good quality. The app works by breaking down the photo you choose into segments. A low-res photo will look pixelated once split into sections, potentially making your grid look haphazard and/or unappealing.

2) Select A Size and Adjust Framing

First, you'll need to decide how much of your grid you want to utilize for your design. The key here is that Instagram profile grids are always three photos wide. So, when creating a banner for your grid, you need to choose a photo that is 3x1--just one row across your profile. Another frequently-used grid layout is made by using a 3x3 block of photo posts. That's one square photo broken into 9 sections, each posted as their own photo. On your profile, this creates what looks like one very large square photo post. This is great for showing off details within a photo and establishing an intentional, more streamlined look for your grid. After you choose which size you want to work with, move your photo to frame it in the grid in the Grid Post app. Next, you can add filters, stickers, graphics, and text to your photo. Use this space to add your tagline, mention your products/services, or leave it blank to keep it looking clean.

3) Upload and Pin

The thing we love most about the Grid Post app is that it will walk you through every step of the way, including when it comes time to upload your photos. The most important thing you need to remember is that Instagram posts your most recent photos on the top left side of your grid. Every new post bumps all of your older photos over by one grid space. When uploading to Instagram, make sure to start with the bottom right grid post first. Add each photo one at a time, working from right to left, bottom to top. Instagram will allow you to Pin up to three posts at the top of your profile. Pinned photos always appear as the top three posts of your grid, so this is the perfect way to create a banner for your profile. To pin, click and hold a photo on your grid. Select "Pin." Like with uploading the posts initially, you'll need to work right to left. Pin your right most photo, then middle, then left. You'll get a perfect banner every time.


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