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YouTube versus TikTok

If you’ve followed our blog for a bit, you know we’ve been taking a look at how different video apps and platforms stack up against each other. With so many different options, different types of videos, and different types of content, it can be tricky figuring out which sites are the best for your branded videos. Keep reading for our take on whether YouTube or TikTok is better for your company!

youtube or tiktok for brand videos

1) YouTube Is Perfect For Long-Form Videos

First, don't feel intimidated by the term "long-form"--it literally just means "more than a minute" (and could range up to a couple hours). YouTube is the ideal choice for any videos that are more content-heavy, such as how-to videos, interview and podcast videos, or commentary/review videos. The site's algorithm favors videos that are 10-15 minutes long, but the platform can support videos up to several hours. YouTube is definitely the better option for higher quality, more polished and professional videos. You may not realize it at first, but, thanks to social media, many of us have become accustomed to watching videos made entirely on a smartphone with essentially zero production value. Typically, though, all of these videos are well under a minute, which is what makes a relatively low production value negligible. When making long-form videos like those on YouTube, however, it’s a lot harder to get away with filming and editing entirely on your phone. That’s why we recommend you look into consulting professionals (like us!) to achieve a high-quality polish on your branded YouTube videos.

2) TikTok Is Perfect For Short-Form Videos

You guessed it: Short-form = less than a minute. TikTok prefers clips that are 11-17 seconds long (though the site’s video limit was just expanded to 10 minutes). This makes the platform ideal for teasing products or content, sharing fun facts (that relate back to your business), establishing your brand’s personality/aesthetic, offering a peak behind the scenes with time lapse clips of your operations, and so many more ways to casually interact with your audience and (potential) customers. Because the platform is designed for in-app video creation, it’s relatively quick and easy to make and post videos, and you are able to do so with lower expectations for production quality. If you don’t have any particular information-driven content, but are rather just looking to show or share something as your brand, TikTok is the app to use.

3) YouTube And TikTok Can Be Used Together

Using both platforms together can be a huge boost to your brand’s online presence and reach. For example, TikTok can be used to advertise your YouTube videos. If you’re consistently making long-form videos, you definitely need to upload them to YouTube. You can then take clips from your original videos to make 60-second (or shorter) teaser videos to post on TikTok. Sharing bite-sized versions of your longer content is a great way to drum up interest, especially cross-platform. You can also use the two platforms for two different types of content, which broadens the scope of your brand’s visibility. Use YouTube for more structured, professional videos, while using TikTok to showcase your brand’s personality and engage in popular trend videos. Utilizing both appropriately can make a huge difference in your brand’s success!


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