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Where TikTok Videos are Saved

TikTok is a handy (and fun!) way to create branded video content. You can also save your TikTok videos directly to your phone. That means you can create a video on TikTok, download it, and then post it to another social media platform. Here is how to save your TikTok videos.

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1) Before posting a video on TikTok, Click “More”

First, create a video using the TikTok app. Once you are done recording you can press the red check next to the record button to continue. If you've recorded a video to it's limit, there will automatically be a "Next" button. Click "Next" to continue to post your videos. The "Post" screen is where you can add a description and privacy settings before posting your videos. There is a list of settings you can toggle on or off, and at the bottom there are three dots labeled "More options." Click on that section.

2) Make sure “Save to Device” is selected

In the "More Options" menu, there several more settings you can adjust. The most important one is to make sure "Save to Device" is toggled ON. We also suggest selecting "Allow high-quality uploads" as well to make sure your videos look their best. Once you confirm that "Save to Device" is selected, click the X in the top left hand corner to close out of the "More Options" window.

3) TikTok videos are saved to your phone’s camera roll

When you click "Post," your video will automatically be downloaded to your phone's camera roll. Your phone's camera roll is where all your photos and videos are saved. On an iPhone, the camera roll is typically on your home screen. Once you open your camera roll, you're able to see the most recent photos and videos saved. All videos downloaded from the TikTok app will have the TikTok watermark. You can then upload that video from your phone directly to other social media networks, like Instagram Reels.


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