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How TikTok Shop Works

TikTok Shop is one of the most effective ways to boost sales for your small business on social media. The app grants brands the ability to sell their products directly through the TikTok app. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of TikTok Shop, as the TikTok algorithm is pushing this feature and offering discount codes to users. Keep reading for a guide on how to set up TikTok Shop for small businesses.

how to sell on tiktok shop

1) Setup your Shop Page

We assure you: TikTok Shop is legit. So legit, in fact, that you need your US passport, license, or certificate of incorporation to apply. After 2-6 days, you'll get a confirmation email and be able to create your shop. The process of adding new products is pretty straightforward. Start off by selecting "Product" then "Add New Product." You'll be prompted to enter a product title. Make sure you include relevant descriptor words in your titles, as that can draw more traffic to the item. You'll then need to select a category and brand for your product. Next, add your product images. Make sure they are clear with plain backgrounds and that your product is the star. You'll add a product description and video next, followed by variation, retail price, quantity, SKU, and shipping. Once you're done, select "Publish." You'll just need to wait for TikTok Shop's quality check review, which could be up to a week.

2) Use the LIVE Shopping Feature

TikTok's LIVE Shopping Feature is essentially the social media version of the Home Shopping Network or QVC. Instead of broadcasting live on TV, sellers go live on TikTok. Because of the very nature of social networking sites, the LIVE Shopping Feature enables far more streamlined buyer/seller interaction. The feature also allows users to make purchases without ever leaving TikTok. As of 2021, 70% of the app's users discover new brands and products on Tiktok. The LIVE Shopping Feature harnesses this exposure to create a space for sellers to showcase and sell their products. The only downside is that you need at least 1,000 followers to access the LIVE feature.

3) Create Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos allow users to buy an item feautred in a video without leaving the app. It's yet another TikTok feature that allows for much easier and faster user purchases than traditional e-commerce. When a user watches a shoppable video on TikTok, they'll see a "Shop Now" option. Once selected, the user will be directed to a page where they can purchase the featured (and other relevant) products. It's incredibly easy to make any video a shoppable video--literally all you have to do is add the product link to it. Much like the LIVE Shopping Feature, shoppable videos make shopping more convenient and accessible, which can significantly boost sales.


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