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What Kind of Vlog Camera Should You Buy?

Vlogging is a great way to stay connected with your audience. Talking directly to someone on camera is a much more personal way to connect. Every camera (and non-camera) company has a Prosumer model. So how do you pick the right one to buy? Here are our three must-haves when buying a camera for vlogging.

vlog camera

1) Flip Out LCD Screen

DSLRs are a great go-to when looking for a Prosumer camera. This one sounds like a "duh" tip, but it's easy to overlook. It's difficult to run a camera and be in front of the camera at the same time. Being able to see yourself on a built-in LCD screen means that you always know what your frame looks like, without needing a complicated external monitor setup.

2) Face Detection Autofocus

Just because you can see yourself, doesn't mean the camera is in focus. It's hard to see on a tiny LCD screen exactly what is and what is not in blurry. While most cameras come with autofocus, they are not all created equal. Face Detection will follow you as you move around the screen. This ensure that you are always in focus even if you are not sitting directly middle of the frame.

3) 3.5mm Mic Input

Audio is the number one thing vloggers forget about when making a video. I can't tell you how many clients come to me with videos that are unusable because of how poor the audio is. By getting a camera that has an external mic jack, you can you record clean audio without having to sync extra files in editing. Even a cheap wired lav mic can greatly improve your production value.


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