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What is Video Marketing Strategy

Every small business can benefit from using video to promote their business—but how? By setting up a strategy to plan video content that works . Try these 3 video marketing strategy tips!

3 tips for video marketing strategy

1) Define your audience

The first part of building your video marketing strategy is defining your audience. You need to know who you're speaking to: their age, their income range, their interests, their purchasing habits, etc. A woman in her early 20s will shop differently than a woman in her 50s. Defining your audience will help you niche down to the particular problem you're trying to solve with the service or product that you offer.

2) Create videos that solve a problem

Now that you know who your audience is, you can create videos they actually want to watch. Your video should solve problem, by answering a question, sharing valuable information, or explaining how the product or service you have will fill a need they have. For example, realtors who make house-tour videos are able to show available houses to a wider market because their audience can get that first look from the comfort of their home.

3) Use analytics to tweak your formula

Once you've made your video and posted it, you are able to see the results thanks to analytics. You can see what works and what doesn't based on who watches, shares, comments, and otherwise engages with your videos. Things to to look for would be what time of day do posts get the most views? How long do people watch each video? Are there certain topics that get more engagement?Then you can tweak your strategy to move away from what didn't work and lean into what is working. You'll find analytic through google and the specific platforms you're using to share your videos.


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