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Why Your Corporate Event Needs Video

Incorporating video is crucial to the reach and success of your corporate events. While they're a great way to bring people together, share information, and foster creative thinking, conferences can be a hefty financial commitment. The most effective way to both save on cost and boost efficacy of your event is the use of video. Keep reading for our top tips for using video at your next corporate conference.

how to use video at a corporate event

1) Capture Important Information

Conferences can cover a tremendous amount of topics and information in a very short period of time. With a jam-packed schedule of amazing speakers and presentations, it's easy for attendees to forget (or even miss) a lot of valuable content. We've filmed quite a few conferences that included continuing professional education and professional development credits. We know how important it is that conference-goers retain the information they take in and are able to revisit it. By offering a recording of the event, you're providing ongoing resources for attendees, making the content of your conferences more accessible and memorable. Further, video is a great way to capture keynote speakers. Not only does a recording of your corporate event provide support for viewers, it also demonstrates to your speakers how much you value their time and insight.

2) Livestream the Event to Reach a Larger Audience

Livestreaming your corporate event makes it exponentially more accessible than admitting live attendance alone. Hybrid and remote work have become mainstreamed, and many companies expect their remote employees to have the same professional development as their in-house staff. Because of this, when you offer virtual livestreaming attendance, you increase the chance that businesses will choose your event over similar (or geographically closer) conferences. Livestreaming also cuts down on cost without effecting reach--both for you and attendees. When conference-goers are able to attend virtually, the overall cost of their experience is reduced drastically (travel, lodging, food). Additionally, it enables you to cut costs by booking a smaller venue while still presenting to a large audience. This makes it possible for you to focus on the content and quality of your event, rather than just worrying about how to bring in more people.

3) Create a Highlight Video to Advertise for Your Next Event

Last year, we had the absolute pleasure of working with WBEC to film their 2023 Desserts & More event. With the footage, we created a highlight reel to advertise for this year's Desserts & More (watch above). Utilizing corporate video like this is the perfect way to promote annual events. Highlight videos can be 3-5 minutes long and shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, and your event website. This content shows viewers what they missed and why they can't afford to miss out this year. It's also great to have handy as a way to show potential partners what you're all about. When filming for WBEC's video, we interviewed various individuals on why the event was important. We talked with attendees, award winners, and donors to touch on all of the audiences that the event is targeting.

Are you interested in live event coverage? Check out the live even work we do here.

Are you located in Philly and want to support women-owned businesses? Sign up to attend this year's Desserts and More at the WBEC East website here.


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