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Welcome to Angela Wolf Video

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

I'm Angela, owner of Angela Wolf Video. Welcome to our site.

angela wolf video
Angela, Owner

Angela Wolf Video officially became an LLC in 2016,

but that's not where my video journey began. I grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs, where I spent every summer making a new "movie" with my friends. To no one's surprise, I majored in Film and Media Arts at Temple University. There, I fell in love with the city. Although I spent my last semester studying in Los Angeles, my heart belonged on the East Coast. After graduating, I moved back to Philly and began working in-house as a video content creator for a corporate company. After three years of the corporate life, I decided to take my expertise public.

Angela Wolf Video was born out of my passion for video and my entrepreneurial spirit.

The problem I saw for a lot companies was that they knew they needed video, but they didn't feel as though they had the budget for a video department. It's no secret that video has one of the best ROI. For small businesses, social media videos help build brand awareness. For larger companies, L&D through video ensures all of your employees are receiving the exact same training. Although the statistics all say the same thing, video can seem like too large of an investment. That is exactly why I created AWV. I've designed my company to be able to scale down for a small video project or expand to create a large video series. By hiring an outside professional, your company takes the pressure off of your employees who are busy rocking at the job they were hired for. It also takes the financial pressure off of your business of hiring a full time video team.

That was my video journey. Where does yours begin? To get started, I suggest scheduling a Free Video Project Analysis call at I love talking everything video, and would be happy to lend my expertise in your project's pre-production.



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