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How to Utilize a Video Studio for Content Creation

If you've been looking to make video content for your small business or brand, look no further than an in-studio video package! Our studio is designed to be a one-stop-shop for video production, so we handle all the tedious technical stuff. Keep scrolling to read how in-studio video packages can maximize your time and money, and be sure to check out AWV's in-studio video packages.

how to make social media content at a video studio

1) Save Money with an Hourly Package

Coming in to the studio for an hourly video package is an easy way to save big on content creation. While it might seem easier to have a videographer come to you, some on-location shoots can add unnecessary cost and time to your project. Outside of the studio, we typically have to charge by the day (not by multiple-hour blocks) due to the addition of setup and breakdown times. Videographers also need to haul gear from location to location, ultimately adding more time to the project (especially if there is only one shooter to maneuver it all!). By having our clients come into the studio, we are able to set up everything ahead of time (we call this "prelight" in the film world). Because the shoot is ready to go, we're able to get right to work at the very start of the appointment. Using a much smaller amount of client time means we can offer smaller, hourly packages that save money!

2) Save Time by Creating Bulk Content

Not only do our hourly packages save money, they also save time! When you arrive on set, we have everything lit and ready to go. You can swap out subjects/items without disturbing the camera set-up and having to readjust everything for every shot. Coming in to the studio and utilizing this set up is one of the easiest ways to make bulk content. In 1 hour in our studio, we are able to film up to 10 social media videos. This means you can have an entire month's worth of videos completely wrapped in as little as 60 minutes. You couldn't even come close to that kind of turn around time with 10 separate video shoots. With just 2-4 hours in our studio, you could have all your social media content for the next 3-6 months!

3) What Package is Right for Me?

We want our services to suit your needs as best we can, which is why we offer multiple in-studio video packages. If your company is just starting its video journey, we suggest going for our 4-Hour package. In this time, we can create one brand video, four YouTube or interview videos, and ten Instagram videos. This will help you establish a solid video presence. The brand video (3-5 minutes) is perfect for the landing page of your website. The YouTube or interview videos (10-15 minutes each) are the perfect way to introduce key members of your company or answer commonly asked questions about your services. Lastly, the Instagram videos (30-60 seconds each) aren't just for Instagram. These bitesize videos are perfect for LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok. Posting videos on social media once or twice a week is a great way to grow your online following. Once you have the essential videos, we suggest booking the 1- or 2-Hour package once a month to keep up your social media presence.


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