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How to Use Brand Photos

Taking brand photos is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to showcase your business's personality. Because we're always behind the camera, AWV collaborated with our long-time partners Peregrine One Media to hold our very own branded photoshoot. And, to be honest, we're a little obsessed. Not only was it a blast to be in front of the camera for once, but we're also thrilled about how well the pictures capture both our services and our personality. Especially in the service industry, having professional photos that highlight your brand's style help connect you with your target consumer. Clients have expressed that they want branded photos (which we offer at our studio!) but aren't quite sure what to do with them. Keep reading this week's post for how AWV is using our new branded photos!

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1) We Post Brand Photos on Social Media

As we know, social media creates a unique middle-ground of a platform to connect with your audience/clients/consumers directly. On sites like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, a business can establish a professional presence while letting their personality, aesthetic, and values stand front-and-center. Brand photos are just the thing for getting your social media accounts to leave a lasting impression. The beauty in these types of photos is that they don't only show what your business sells or offers. They can also tell a story. Who are you? What is it like working with you? How/why does your process look the way it does? The right brand photos can be an entire social media post on their own. These can be more "evergreen" (usable across a variety of contexts and for the next several years), which makes for perfect posts to fill out your social media content calendar anytime you don't have specific updates to post. For AWV's social media photos, we did a mix of brick backdrop and purple backdrop to give a pop of our signature color. This helps to establish our "vibe" while giving our social media followers a look into our studio.

2) We Use Brand Photos on Our Website

You know that expression, "a picture says a thousand words"? Well, on your business's website, the difference between stock images and brand photos can say even more! You want to make sure your choice of images reflects your brand's work in an authentic and eye-catching way. Due to the nature of service-based companies, we especially benefit from the use of brand photos. When you only have access to stock images or a few originals, it can be a struggle to find ways to showcase your work and what you're all about. The right branded photoshoot will enable you to communicate your business's mission and personality, along with exactly what you have to offer. For AWV's branded pictures, we took photos of our gear and exact studio space. Trying to find stock images of our gear and set-up was not cutting it. Because of our branded photos, we can convey the exact services we offer, and there is no confusion about what to expect when working with us.

3) We Incorporate Brand Photography into Our Blogs

As a general rule of thumb, people are more drawn to visual information than blocks of text. Think about it: Before you scrolled down, did you read the blog title first or notice the at the video thumbnail first? Did you start reading first, then look at the image imbedded in the text? Chances are, when you opened this page, the first things your eyes settled on were its images, not writing. Generally speaking, images are even remembered better than text. So, if you want to make a lasting impression, photos are the way to go. And, if you want that lasting impression to be relevant, positive, and representative of your business, brand photos are the only way to go. When we use our own photos and images in our blog posts, it more accurately represents both how and what we are discussing. They use our colors, showcase us, and--let's be honest--just look so much better than anything we could get off a stock image site.

AWV offers brand photography! In-studio brand photo packages start at $325. Click here for more details.


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