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How to Save on Video Studio Rentals in Philly

At Angela Wolf Video, we strive to make our video studio rentals as accessible and affordable as possible. We know that fees can stack up and interfere with your project's vision, which is why we wanted to offer an affordable space for creatives to work and play. For those who regularly film or record, a video studio membership is the perfect way to reserve your own space without the commitment of a lease. Read more to learn how you can save on studio rentals at AWV's South Philly video studio.

Affordable video studio rental in Philadelphia

1) Full Day or Half Day Memberships

We know different creatives have different sets of needs, which is why AWV offers flexible memberships, at both half- and full-day rates. A Full-Day membership grants access to the studio for up to 10 hours in a single day. This extensive block is perfect for videographers looking to do full-day productions or any creatives looking to make batch content. We also offer Half-Day memberships, which include up to 4 hours in the studio in a single day. This type of membership is ideal for photographers looking to do photoshoots, or podcasters looking to record one or two episodes at a time..

2) Memberships Come with 2 Sessions Per Month

AWV studio rental memberships come with 2 sessions per month. With our discounted membership rates, all of your studio rentals are 20% off. Half Day membership is $320/month, whereas 2 individual 4-hour sessions would normally cost a total of $400. Full Day membership is only $640/month, saving you a total of $160 off the regular price. If 2 sessions a month won't quite cut it for you, never fear! We offer the option of adding more sessions as needed throughout the month at the discounted rate. No matter how many additional sessions you may need to add, with an AWV studio rental membership, you'll get each 20% off.

3) Full Day Membership Comes with Free Gear Rentals

As videographers, we are intimately familiar with the unique anxiety of having to rent and haul gear from place to place, praying nothing happens to it in the process. We want your experience at AWV to be as stress-free as possible, which is why we include FREE gear and set rentals with our Full-Day memberships. This includes our lighting kit ($100), set furniture ($50), and Podcasting kit ($50) for absolutely no charge with any and all of your visits. With this membership, you're looking at $400 worth of free gear rentals and $160 of free studio time per month. We know how much of a costly barrier that gear, space, set-up, and transport can be to a project's vision. Now that we finally have our own studio, we're thrilled we can offer an accessible place for creatives to work and not have to worry about any of the technical stuff!

Some of the fine print: Memberships require a 6-month contract, with first and last month due at signing. The rest of the contract is billed monthly, so you don't need to worry about committing to an entire year or paying a large sum up-front. Unused sessions do not roll over. Sessions are non-transferrable. Be sure to read your contract for full details.

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