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The Best Video Content You Didn't Know You Already Had

Videos are the best way to reach your audience, but it can be stressful to constantly be making new content. Did you know that you probably have content you haven't been using? Yep, we are talking about bloopers! Here are our three tips for creating a great blooper reel.


1) Always look out for material

Going back through old footage to find bloopers is very time consuming (and not that fun). So while you are editing your usual video content, keep an eye out for funny outtakes. Whenever you are watching raw footage and it makes you laugh, save it! Collect all of your funny clips in a separate project specifically for bloopers. This may add a couple of extra minutes to each editing project, but will save you hours in the long run.

2) Create a compilation video

Not every blooper is a winner. The best blooper reels use outtakes from several different projects. If you make a new video every week, save up a month worth of silly mistakes before posting the blooper reel. The variety of content adds to the fun. Watching the same clip over and over again (even a funny one) can feel tedious. Pick only the funniest bloopers to go into your reel.

3) Timing is everything

Comedy, videos, and life all boil down to timing. You can gather all of the funniest clips, but if your video is too long people won't watch it. This is actually a good thing. Making 3 one-minute videos means you have more content to post. Having 1 three-minute video not only limits how often you can post, but also limits how many people will watch the entire video. Blooper reels are perfect content for Instagram. Keep your videos to 30-seconds to post them as an Instagram Reel or go up to a minute for a regular Post.


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