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The 3 Best Features of the Angela Wolf Video Studio

If you've been keeping up to date with us at AWV, you know we have been working on opening a video studio since last year. With the official ribbon cutting coming up this month, we are beyond excited to share our space with you. Keep reading for what to expect from our new video studio.

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1) Soundproofing and Sound Dampening

When we say our video studio was designed with sound in mind, we mean it. All four walls of the recording space have sound-proofing insulation, along with a double layer of drywall. This keeps unwanted noises and tones out. To dampen reverb, we have felt-covered walls, carpeted floors, and foam squares on the ceiling. In addition to establishing some very official-looking cozy vibes, this makes a significant impact on the clarity of your desired audio. The felt, carpet, and foam prevent audio from echoing off of surfaces and interfering with quality. Not only does this make for high-quality interviews and talking head videos, but it's also ideal for podcast recordings.

2) Multiple Backdrops, Including Green Screen, Brick, and Paper

We have also designed our filming studio with users and guests in mind. We want to help make your project both as hassle-free and as professional as possible. This is why our studio includes two ready-to-use walls: One is covered in foam brick and the other is a painted green screen. The foam brick wall wraps around, creating a corner space for perfect two-person interviews. The opposite wall is our green screen, painted Chromakey Green from floor to ceiling. We also have a green screen mat to lay on the floor for wider shots. Lastly, we have a 9ft seamless paper roll holder mounted above the brick wall. This creates perfect shots for photo shoots or commercials. Either rent our seamless paper, or feel free to bring your own!

3) Separate Video Village Room

The studio is broken into three rooms: Front reception area (renters have access, but must share it with AWV staff), the Filming Studio, and the Video Village. We know how important it is to have a private, separate space for directors, producers, and other key project members while camera operators and talent film. Two HDMI ports inside the Filming Studio link to HDMI ports in our Video Village, creating the perfect setup for watching footage live as it is being recorded. Our Village also has an Ethernet port with Fios High Speed Internet--ideal for a live-streaming station. As a renter, you get exclusive access to both the Filming Studio and Video Village.

The AWV Video Studio is available for rent starting February 19, 2024. Click here to learn more about our rental packages.


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