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Podcast Gear Available at the Angela Wolf Video Studio

The Angela Wolf Video studio is truly the one-stop shop for getting a professional-quality podcast up and running. Having clear, crisp audio is essential to hold a listener's attention, and we've got you covered. All you need to do is show up with your ideas, and we'll take care of everything else. Keep reading for details on our studio rental options that will cover all of the gear you need--for either traditional voice-only podcasting or video podcasts.

1) RODE Gear Package

At the AWV studio, we have all the gear to get your podcast sounding its best. Take advantage of our Podcasting Gear rental package to get recording. You'll have access to two RODE NT2-A Large-Diaphragm multi-pattern condenser microphones (the absolute essential podcasting mic) and two RODE PSA1_Pro Studio Boom Arms (to mount the mics to the table for hands-free recording). Our Podcasting Gear package also includes use of the Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 Audio/MIDI interface (which has 4 input XLR feeds, each with their own control). An audio interface connects all the gear to a computer. It also allows you to adjust input levels and polish your audio for professional quality. The Scarlett is easy to use and specifically tailored for podcasters and content creators. Lastly, our Podcasting Gear package provides use of a Dell laptop to connect the Scarlett and record your audio (though you are welcome to bring your own computer!).

2) Soundproof Studio

Because the AWV studio is a video studio, it's soundproof. It was constructed and designed to eliminate outside noises. This type of studio atmosphere is crucial to maintaining audio quality and perfect for podcast recording. To keep out unwanted noise, all four walls of our studio are lined with soundproofing insulation and a double layer of drywall. To eliminate unwanted inside noise, we also have felt-covered walls, carpeted floors, and foam squares on the ceiling. The soft textures help dampen reverb and keep your audio nice and crisp. If you want to go all-out, we even offer sound blankets and a vocal isolation booth.

3) Video Rental Add On

If you are looking to turn your podcast into a YouTube series, our studio offers video rental add-ons, such as lights, cameras, and lenses. Our video studio is also equipped with two ready-to-use walls for clean, professional backdrops. One wall is foam brick that wraps a corner, which is perfect for two-speaker shots. The opposite wall is a Chromakey Green screen, for if you happen to be feeling fancy. The studio also has a 9ft paper roll holder mounted to the wall that you can use for white or colored seamless paper. With a separate video village, the Angela Wolf Video studio makes it incredibly easy to record and film your podcasts with professional-level quality.


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