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Lighting Gear Available at the Angela Wolf Video Studio

The AWV Studio is officially open and serving the community, and we are THE affordable video studio rental in Philadelphia. We've always been passionate about accessibility, and we are overjoyed to be offering studio rentals to save our clients and South Philly community money, time, and energy. We know how hard it can be to get started with a video project. That's why we created an all-in-one lighting kit that is available to add on to any of our studio space rentals. Keep reading to learn more about the affordable light rental package offered in the AWV video studio!

nanlite forza 300b

1) Bi-Color LED Lights

Our Bi-Color LED lights are the go-to standard lights for any light setup. They're versatile and perfect for interviews, talking heads, and most video set ups. AWV Studio lighting packages include two Amaran F22x 2x2' Flexible Mats. These are essentially mounted 2x2' boxes that put out some of the most powerful lighting you've ever seen. They're a staple of any lighting set-up, so of course we have them in-house and available to rent. We also offer two Nanlite Forza 300B Monolights. These lights can elevate your shot and bring more depth to your lighting. With adjustable warmth, the monolights can blend into most any other lighting sources to even out overall light temperature. Our lighting rental package also features the Amaran p60X Light Panel 3-light Kit. Each of the three panels has its own power adapter, soft box, and grid. This design is not only powerful, but also precise enough for selective lighting and eliminating spill light.

nanlite forza 300b

2) RGB Lights

RGB lights are hue-controllable, meaning you can create lights of all different colors. These are perfect for stylized shoots, such as music videos, photo shoots, and creative brand videos. Another great use for RGB lights is when working with our green screen to help brighten the background. At the AWV studio, we have the Aputure MC 12-Light Kit. These palm-sized lights are magnetic, making them easy to mount anywhere. As RGBWW LED lights, they have both 360 degrees of hue control and 3200-6500k color temperatures. Our light rentals also include Four Amaran T2C LED Tube Lights. These lights are literally 2' tubes and are incredibly versatile. Our lighting rental package also includes two Amaran F21c 2x1’ Flexible Light Mats. Similar to our Bi-Color Mats, these are an incredibly powerful light source. In our video studio, you have control!

amaran f22x

3) One Set Flat Rate for All Lights

Many studios or rental companies require lights to be rented a la carte. Seeing as you will absolutely need multiple lights, this can get really pricey really fast (and that is definitely not what we're about). At the AWV studio, we keep things reasonable and affordable: You pay one flat rate to access any and all lighting equipment included in our video studio rentals. Our light kit also includes light modifiers like flags and softboxes, as well as light stands. We know first hand the pain of attempting to figure out EXACTLY what you need for a shoot. We've been there--accidentally spending/renting too much equipment, or alternatively failing to rent enough, then scrambling to stretch the budget so the project doesn't all apart. Our flat rate pricing simplifies the process and is perfect for keeping your studio rental affordable. However, there is one important caveat to our lighting package - it must stay within the AWV studio. Our light kit is only available as an add-on to video studio rental.


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