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Keep Your Videos Safe and Accessible

Your brand video should be exciting, engaging, and attention grabbing. It can be very tempting to add in some quick graphics or flashing content to try to reach out to the audience. Before you add that nifty effects plugin you just found, is it a good idea to add that to your video?

flashing lights

Flashing Content is Dangerous

Around 1% of the population has epilepsy, and around 3% of those have photosensitive epilepsy. For these people, flashing lights and certain patterns can cause seizures. It's important for your brand to reach a wide audience. By adding in possibly hazardous content, you limit who can view your marketing and social media videos.

Flashing Content is Disorienting

Not only can flashing lights be outright dangerous to some, to many people it can be disorienting. Flashing content can cause dizziness, and headaches. If your video makes your audience feel ill (or if it's just plain annoying), people will stop watching. The goal of a branded video is for people get a good impression of your brand. Flashing content can actually be a deterrent.

Three Flashes or Below

Having an accessible video does not mean avoiding all flashy fun graphics. The general rule is to keep any flashes to less than three per second. People tend to be more sensitive to the color red, so avoid flashing red content. Blinking content is typically fine, assuming it follows the Three Flashes or Below rule.


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