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Is Video Marketing Effective?

One of the most common questions I get asked by my clients and small business owners alike is if video marketing is really effective. And I have to say: yes it is. Did you know that 64% if consumers bought a product after watching a branded video? Video marketing IS effective. People are watching more video than ever, thanks to technology and the access to both making and watching videos. If you're wondering, "will people watch my videos?" The answer is yes. Studies have shown that since 2018 video viewership has doubled! Here are three reasons why video marketing is effective.

is video marketing effective

1) 86% of businesses use video marketing

Any business can use video marketing, whether you're a roofing company, an insurance broker, or a group of CPAs looking to talk to your audience. Videos offer a great return on investment, as they strongly influence traffic, leads, sales, and audience understanding. You don't have to sell products to create a video, either. Service-based businesses can use video marketing effectively to help their audience get to know who they are and what they offer.

2) 81% say video has improved the company’s bottom line

Think about who has access to videos: anyone with an internet connection or data on their phone, tablet, or laptop. Not only are companies and brands making marketing videos to share on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube, but these videos are shared via email and text as well. You can also include your marketing videos on your website and in newsletters. The possibilities of sharing are endless, which means you're getting your business to a wider audience. And what does that mean for your bottom line? Well, the (relatively) small upfront cost of video marketing brings in a lot of revenue. In fact, 87% of marketers reported a positive return-on-investment when using video marketing.

3) 94% say videos helped customers understand their products

That percentage is hard to beat. People want to understand what they're paying for and who they're working with. Video marketing effectively communicates that to your ideal audience, who are more likely to connect with your product or service after watching a video promoting what you do best. Which is why more and more small businesses are starting to make videos, and are seeing the positive impact when they do. When customers understand a product or service better, they are more likely to buy. Also, when a customer understands a product better, there are fewer returns—22% of costumers returned a product because it was different than what they expected. With video marketing, your customers will understand what they're paying for!


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