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How TikTok Views Work

Views work differently depending on the social media platform you're using. TikTok views are crucial to your business's exposure. You don't have to go viral, but the more views you get, the higher your video ranking gets in the TikTok algorithm. Here is how TikTok views work.

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1) “Views” measure how many times a TikTok video is watched

When someone watches your video, that counts as a "View." Views are important to the TikTok algorithm. Social media networks each use different algorithms to determine who sees what. The TikTok algorithm works in tiers. First, they send out your video to a few people based on the hashtags and sounds you use in the video. If people watch and engage with your video, then TikTok pushes that video out to more users. If those people watch and engage, then TikTok pushes it out even farther. Believe it or not, getting more views is more important to the algorithm than having a lot of followers on your account. That's why Views are crucial.

2) As soon as a video starts to play, it counts as one View

Unlike other social media sites, TikTok counts a "View" as soon as the video begins to play. That means people don't have to watch your video to the end. Videos under 30 seconds are more likely to pop up on the FYP. The FYP or the 'For You Page', is TikTok's 'feed'. So keeping videos short increases the likelihood that people will see it and that they will watch it until the end.

3)When the video loops, that’s counted as a new View

TikTok automatically loops videos. So if one person watches your video to the very end, and then it begins to play again - that counts as a second view. Even if they start scrolling right after it begins again. Keeping people engaged for your entire video means that you are more likely to get more Views. Keep in mind that watching your own videos does not count as a new view.


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