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How Much Does Marketing Video Cost?

We all know small businesses run on a budget, and they want to have the highest ROI when it comes to marketing. Video marketing is a great way to improve brand awareness and increase sales, but how much does video marketing really cost? Here's our video marketing cost breakdown.

How Much Does Marketing Video Cost?

1) Professional videos start at $1,000

There are different factors that determine the cost of video because a lot of different elements are needed to create a video. For example, how many cameras are being used? How much crew is needed? Will you have actors to pay in your video or are you interviewing your employees? How many days of filming are needed? How long is your final product? Typically, you can expect that a professional video starts at $1000.

2) Professionals bring gear and experience

You might think "$1,000 is a lot for one video." Consider this: professional videographers provide gear that costs $15K (or more), have years of education, training, and experience. All of that adds up to exponentially more than the cost of one video. You actually save money by hiring a professional because you're not investing money in gear, education, time, and labor.

3) Use social media for free to share your video

Creating a video has an upfront cost, but you can share the video for free for unlimited amount of uses. One video can be posted to Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Post it on your website and then emailed to your clients in your newsletter. The value of your video never decreases, but its potential is exponential. The upfront cost of a video pays for itself over time.

The more expensive the service you are offering, the higher production value the video should be. Creating a brand video for your website advertising your professional services needs a professional video, and that's where a videographer and video editor comes in!


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