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Where TikTok Draft Videos are Saved

TikTok makes it easy to create videos directly in the app. But what if you aren't ready to post the video right away? Drafts are great for when you want create videos in bulk and post them for later use. Here are three tips on how to utilize TikTok drafts and where your draft videos are saved.

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1) TikTok Draft is a video you created, but never posted

To make a TikTok draft video, open TikTok on your device. Click on the "+" on the bottom of your screen to create a new video. Once you are done creating a video or uploading a video, click the pink check on the bottom right side of your screen, then click "Next". You will be brought to the "Post" screen where you can add descriptions and change your privacy. Here, you are able to save your videos as Drafts by clicking the "Drafts" button at the bottom of the screen.

2) Drafts are great for creating bulk content to post later

Bulk content is when you spend a dedicated amount of time creating multiple videos. Some content creators will spend an hour while others may spend five hours. Having a dedicated "video creation" time means that you can focus on filming a lot of content. Once your bulk content is created, you have videos to post every day without having to spend time every day to make them. Utilizing TikTok Drafts is how you save your bulk videos to post at a later time.

3) Drafts are saved on your Profile in a Drafts folder

After you create your video, be sure to click the "Drafts" button to the left of the pink "Post" button. Then TikTok will re-direct you to your home page. To find your unposted videos, click on "Profile" at the bottom right hand corner of your screen. The first bin that shows up on your profile says "Drafts" with the number of unposted videos you have. Click on that bin, and it will open up your Drafts folder. Click on the video you would like to post. If you want to keep editing the video, click the arrow at the top left of your screen, and then click 'Continuing Editing.' If you are ready to post your video, click the "Next" button. Be sure to add a description and hashtags before sharing.


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