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What is a Vlog?

Since the launch of YouTube in 2005, vlogs have been growing more and more popular. As the name implies, a vlog is the same content one would find on a blog, but in video form. Vlogging can be a little intimidating, but it can be a valuable tool in your digital marketing strategy. Here are our three reasons why your brand needs a vlog.


1) Cross posting can increase your SEO

Blogs tend to live in one place - your website. Videos, on the other hand, are typically uploaded to a video server and then embedded onto your website. I always suggest hosting your vlogs on YouTube and linking it on your site or blog. First, web hosts tend to be stingy on how much media they let you upload. Second, you have just boosted your SEO. Google crawls YouTube for search results. When someone asks a question, Google now has two links that lead back to you - your website and your YouTube video.

2) Audiences remember 95% of a video message

95% sounds pretty good, right? Well audiences only remember 10% - yes, TEN percent - of the information they get in reading text alone. Which means by the time you're done reading this blog post, you will have already forgotten most of it. But that's why I always include a vlog video in every blog post. All of the most important information is put in my videos because I know the audience will retain that more easily.

3) Vlogs feel more personal than blogs

Reading text on your phone can feel impersonal. It takes a highly-skilled writer to make you feel something when you're looking at a bunch of words on a screen. Videos are a wonderful tool to connect you with your audience. When you speak directly to your audience through the camera, they feel like they know you more. YouTubers are so successful because they have created a friendship with their viewers - all without ever meeting in person.


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