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Small Business Networking Event

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Networking is a huge part of being a business owner. But sometimes it can be a little intimidating. That is why Angela Wolf Video is partnering with Marina Crouse Writes to offer a FREE virtual Networking event!

Who is it for?

Our Friends Who Freelance networking event is for companies looking to hire contractors, solopreneurs looking to make connections, and freelancers wanting to get their name out there. Do you think you know someone who fits in that description? Share our Registration Page with them so they can sign up.

What is a virtual networking event?

This virtual event will be done in the Speed Networking format. After logging onto Zoom at 9am PST / 12pm EST on July 8, everyone will be split into breakout rooms. Each person will have 2 minutes to do an elevator pitch and say something they are looking for. Once each person in your breakout room has presented, everyone will be put into a different breakout room to do their pitch again. After, people are invited to stay with the group and chat.

How do I join?

Easy! You just fill out our Registration Form, and then Zoom will send you the meeting link. This networking event is free, and open to anyone who is authorized to work in the US. Be sure to mark your calendar for Friday, July 8th at 12pm EST. We hope to see you there!



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