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How to Utilize Video On Social Media

June 30th is Social Media Day! But if we're being honest, at this point, isn't pretty much every day Social Media Day? We talk a lot about how the right use of social media can do wonders for your company's reach and growth. But... there are so many platforms that seem to offer very similar features and audiences. Well, as video experts, we know that different types of videos work better for different platforms. Your business can utilize each type of video and platform for maximum reach--read our blog to learn how!

best videos for social media

1) Post Q&A Videos On Instagram

With Instagram's Story feature, Q&A videos are an absolute breeze. To post a Story, press the "plus" button in the top right hand corner of profile. Select "Story" (not "Post"--posts will stay on your profile, whereas stories expire in 24 hours. Stories are typically more conducive to facilitating interaction, especially if you have a small following and short reach). Film a short video or take a picture directly in the Instagram app, informing followers that you will be doing a Q&A. Before posting the story, add a question sticker to it by pressing the smiley face icon in the top right hand corner of the screen (directly to the right of the "Aa" icon). Select the "Questions" sticker (usually in the second row of options), and a question box will be added to your story. Type your question into the box provided (if your question is too long, include it in the story itself). Followers can respond directly to this sticker, and you can respond directly to those responses! By clicking on your own story, Instagram will show your view count and any sticker replies. Select the reply you would like to respond to. Instagram will plop you into a new story with the sticker that includes your follower's question. In the app, film you (or someone from your business) explaining your answer for each sticker. This is a relatively quick and easy way to field questions that your audience actually cares about! When you have a larger following, you can use Instagram Live to interact with your followers in real time.

2) Post Explanation Videos On YouTube

Consider being a potential customer or client of your business. Before jumping straight to a professional, what might you do to learn more about the subject first? Search it! YouTube is literally the second largest search engine (behind Google, as we're sure you could have guessed). Do a little exploration and scout-work on YouTube to find out what people are searching for related to your products and services. What videos on the subject currently exist, and what makes them popular (or not so much)? What can your expertise add to this conversation? What makes you and your business more of an authority on the subject? YouTube is such an expansive platform, you will absolutely be able to find a niche for your brand or business--you might just have to do a little digging. Once you figure out the type of unique insight you can provide, start diving in and breaking down explanations for viewers. Keep you/your brand's expertise at the forefront, establishing yourself as an approachable, easily accessible expert.

3) Post Behind The Scenes Videos On TikTok

If you're familiar at all with TikTok, you know it's both all expansive and incredibly informal. This makes it the perfect platform for behind the scenes and get-to-know-you videos. Even more than on Instagram, TikTok lets your personality shine. Make sure to include yourself in your videos to put a face to your business. TikToks can be filmed right on your phone and are much more casual in composure. However, you still want to make sure your video is communicating a message. Think about the story you want to tell--maybe you're introducing yourself, sharing how your business started, walking viewers through a typical day for your brand, or showcasing a time lapse of your work. Like with YouTube videos, you'll want to do some recon as far as which types of videos are successful and which are not. For behind the scenes work, you always need to get more shots and film longer than you think you need. This makes editing MUCH easier. However, one of the good things about TikTok is that you can always film supplementary shots on your phone to add, as needed, as you edit.


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