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How much does a Professional Videographer Cost?

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Are you looking to make videos for your business and wonder how much does a professional videographer cost? There are a few different factors that go into the cost of a videographer. In this post, we'll go over the three main aspects to consider when making your budget, and why hiring a videographer is worth it.

how much does a videographer cost?

1) How many days of filming

The first main factor of the cost of a videographer is time. You have to know how many days of filming you will need for your project. The biggest mistake clients can make when thinking about a project is that filming will “only take a couple of hours.” In reality, setting up the shot is the most important part, and it can not be rushed. If you include the hours of set up and break down, plus actual filming, a short video shoot will take at least an 8 hour day. Video projects shouldn’t be thought of in terms of hours but in terms of days.

2) How many cameras are needed

The next thing to think about is how many cameras you'll need, and the camera operators that come with them. If you use a multi camera setup, you can save time. That's because you're able to capture the same thing from multiple angles. However, more cameras mean a higher production cost. Each camera set up for a shoot needs a skilled camera operator to run it. Not only do more cameras mean more crew, but each camera is a hefty investment for the videographer. The more gear the videographer brings, the more expensive the overall shoot will be. When planning out your budget for the type of video you want, make sure you think about the number of cameras and crew that will be needed.

3) How complicated is the video

Finally, the last big thing to consider is how complicated your video might be. Some shots are more complicated than you think. A walking and talking shot can take a whole team to get it done right. For that, you would need at least four crew members. A Steadicam operator will operate the camera. A boom operator will hold the boom mic to make sure you get clear, consistent audio. A grip will hold a flag or diffuser to make sure the lighting is consistent and there are no bright spots on the talent face. You'll also need another person directing the crew who are all walking backwards to capture the shot. The more complicated the shot, the more time it takes to set up and capture, and the more people will be needed.

When you are building your video budget to hire a videographer, know that you will have a large upfront cost that will pay for itself in the long run. Remember: professional videographers provide gear that costs $20K (or more), and have years of education, training, and experience. All of that adds up to exponentially more than the cost of one video. You actually save money by hiring a professional because you're not investing money in gear, education, time, and labor. The value of your video never decreases, but its potential is exponential.


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