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Camera Ready Clothes

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

With Zoom and video calls replacing the old conference room, suddenly there is a new way to think about your outfit. Of course, on any work video, you should be dressed professionally. However, some types of outfits that may look great in person show up horribly on camera. Today, we talk about a few items to avoid when going on camera.

camera ready clothes

Small patterns are a no go. Tiny designs - such as tweed, houndstooth, or pinstripes - create what is called a moiré effect. This happens when the tight patterns mesh with the imaging chip on the camera, and it creates moving lines throughout the clothing.

Next, avoid anything too loud. Super bright colors can come up a little funky on camera. Big patterns won't create the moiré affect, but they will distract your viewers. Large jewelry can catch the light and create a glare. Be mindful of bracelets that clatter together when you talk with your hands (I'm Italian - I can't NOT use my hands when I talk).

So what is best to wear? A well fitting, plain shirt with black pants is a great go-to. Be mindful of our background - wearing similar colors to what is behind you can make you disappear (ie. a white shirt in front of a white background). Jewel tones appear great on camera, and small accents like earrings can help show off your personality.


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