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How To Make An ASMR Video

ASMR content is becoming increasingly popular on social media platforms. Like any other trend, it can be harnessed to promote your brand. If you're not familiar with ASMR, never fear--we've got you covered. The acronym stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and is often referred to as brain or spine tingles. The response evokes the deep relaxation effects often triggered by light touch and other gentle sensory input. You can utilize this popular video format to create effective product videos. Posting branded ASMR videos allows you to reach new potential clients while showcasing your products/services. Keep reading for our three tips on how to make an ASMR video.

how to make an asmr video

1) Choose The Right Format

ASMR is huge on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. The length of your video is going to depend on which platform you're using (if the video is under a minute, stick to Instagram and/or TikTok. If it's over a minute, go with YouTube). One of the cool things about ASMR is that it's inherent to any other form of content--you just have to look for it and make it the star of the show. To promote a chef or restaurant, a video of cutting and chopping ingredients would make for crisp ASMR content. If you sell candles, create a video to highlight the satisfying sounds of unboxing, striking a match, lighting the candle, and a flickering flame. If you're a photographer or videographer, focus audio on assembling gear for shoots and adjusting camera lenses and settings. It's crucial that brand-focused ASMR avoids any and all voice whispers/sounds. Trust us: No matter what format you choose, your products/services need to be the source of the ASMR.

2) Focus On The Sounds

In case we haven't been clear, ASMR is all about the sound. The audio needs to contain the sounds of your products/services and nothing else. Use a quality microphone, arranging it as close to the object of focus as the frame will allow. Eliminate as much auxiliary noise as possible, including echoes and reverb (check out our blog post on how to record high-quality audio). Focus on interactions with your products/services that create sound... ASMR doesn't work if your content isn't generating audio. Open up the product, so the mic can capture the sounds of ripping tape and unboxing cardboard and/or packaging. Tap on the product with long fingernails to create crisp clicking sounds. If possible, put multiple of your product(s) together in a bag, shake them up, and dump them onto a surface that will create sound. Don't be afraid to get creative! There are a ton of ways to showcase your products while generating satisfying audio.

3) Keep The Visuals Clean

The major appeal of ASMR is its mesmerizing effect. It evokes a very specific soothing feeling that can create an almost hypnotizing calm. It's hard to achieve such a calm with a cluttered or stimulating background. Go for something like a clean desk or table, and use soft, even lighting. You don't want any shadows or other distractions in the frame. You'll also need your shots to be close-up, so we just see the product and/or action. If a hand is in the frame, make sure all fingernails are clean and filed evenly. Likewise, anything interacting with the subject of the video needs to be clean, simple, and nondescript. However, If applicable, do have your brand logo facing the camera. While this isn't a direct ad for your product, you want people to know where they can buy the product/service from.


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