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How to Make a Green Screen Video

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Whether it's in the latest superhero movie or in your local weather forecast, green screens are utilized in a variety of ways. Creating a green screen sounds simple - hang a green sheet and start filming! Before you hit the record button, we have some tips on making your green screen actually work.

green screen

The most important thing when it comes to green screens is lighting. Your video editing program identifies a specific color and removes it from your video - allowing you to put something else in its place. If your backdrop isn't evenly lit, the green will show up as different colors (dark greens in the shadows and light greens in the highlights). This makes it a lot harder for your video program to remove ONLY the right colors. The wider range of colors that the program detects, the more chance your effect will look pixelated.

Next, you need to stand (or sit) farther away from your backdrop. This helps reduce shadows, but also reduces green spill. The light bouncing off of your backdrop can create a green hue around you. This gives you that green, sickly look. Or worse - your video program will remove part of you thinking it's the background!

Of course, there is the obvious - do not wear any green. And I mean ANY green (jewelry, hair pieces, etc). Avoid wearing glasses - as they often reflect the green screen and will disappear in your video.

All in all, it's actually pretty complicated to get all of your settings right for a GOOD green screen effect. Our last tip: hire a professional. If you want a professional looking green screen, a professional videographer is your best bet.


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