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What Are Product Videos?

Product videos are a great way to showcase your items and brand aesthetic. They feature your product in action, giving potential customers a more complete idea of what to expect from their purchase. In fact, 55% of consumers use videos to make purchasing decisions, drastically cutting down returns. So what does a product video look like? We recently worked with Out of the Woods to create videos for their line of eco-friendly bags and lunchboxes. Keep reading for more about how to film a product video and why you should.

how to film a product video

1) Use a Clean Background

For the most part, you want your products to stand out and speak for themselves. Using a messy, distracting background will pull viewers' eyes away from your item and make it more difficult to see. Using a clean, simple background will ensure that your product is the highlight of the video. If you're not sure exactly what to use, you can't go wrong with a plain white seamless background. The white allows the product's colors to really pop on screen. Or, if you're showcasing white or light-colored products, use either your brand color or gray for the background. Always keep in mind that a clean contrast is essential to any good product video.

2) Use Even Lighting

This might sound like a no-brainer, but it's more important than you might think. When filming a product video, it might be tempting to lean towards the commercial route and establish aesthetic with atmosphere and dynamic angles. While this type of video works well to pull viewers in as social media posts or advertisements, it typically doesn't provide the clearest representation of your products. Instead, use soft, even lighting to allow every part of the product to be easily seen. That way, there are no surprises about the item's dimensions, features, and appearance. Soft lighting can also convey a sense of comfort, often creating an inviting atmosphere. This is the perfect vibe to pull audiences in and get them invested in your product videos.

3) Use a Model

You may be thinking that a model is only needed if you're selling clothes. On the contrary, a model can be a valuable addition to almost any product video. Having a person on-screen as a reference adds another dimension to your video and grants viewers a more complete idea of your product. A model allows us to see how big an item is when it's held in their hand, carried, or worn. Including a model in your video also shows viewers how a customer interacts with the product/how to operate it. For our shoot with Out of the Woods, we wanted to showcase how much could fit inside their lunchboxes. To do so, we showed the model opening up a bag and taking items out of it. To create a full picture of the item in use, we also showed what the product looked like when the model had it slung over their shoulder.


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