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These Sneaky Sounds are Ruining Your Videos

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

When recording video, one of the most important (or some would argue THE most important) element is sound. Whether you're on a Zoom call for work or you're recording a vlog post for your brand, sound connects you with your audience.

sound for video

Our brains are really good at tuning out unimportant sounds. When you're talking with a friend, your brain knows that your friend's voice is more important than the noise of your refrigerator humming. It prioritizes the sounds that you are focusing on and "quiets" the background noise. Unfortunately, that's not how camera microphones work. Background noises seem to be amplified when you listen to a recording - and it's because the microphone doesn't know which sounds to "tune in" to.

My biggest suggestion is to NOT film in your kitchen. From the refrigerator hum, to the the dishwasher, your kitchen appliances make a lot of noise. Plus, most kitchens have tile floors and hardtop counters, which cause echoing.

When you're recording in your living room, be mindful of your heating and cooling units. Window units are very loud and should be turned off while you're recording. Central heating and cooling is quieter, but watch where you are filming. If you are sitting too close to an air vent, the sound of the HVAC system kicking on and off may be noticeable on your camera.

Lastly, be mindful of outside noises. You may be recording inside your house, but outside noises can still be picked up. Helicopters, airplanes, lawn mowers, and busy highways all can cause unwanted noise on your video.

Besides being mindful of all the "sneaky sounds" in your house, using a good microphone will help cut down on unwanted background noise. We did a Video Tech Tuesday live stream a couple of weeks ago about different types of microphones. Watch it Here:


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