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Looking for new video ideas? Try a Giveaway video

Giveaways are a great way to start conversations about your business. You can establish credibility as well as a positive brand image by doing a giveaway video. Keep your consumers engaged and reward them by giving away popular brand picks from your campaign. Here are some tips to get started with your giveaways and gain some awareness for your business.

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1) Pick an objective for your campaign

Like any marketing campaign, you should start with an objective. Talk amongst your team and decide what outcome would make this marketing strategy a success. Are you looking for more social media followers? Do you want to push more website views? Are you looking to convert clicks to sales? Deciding your campaign objective will determine what type of giveaway video to create.

2) Choose a brand product as the prize

Your consumers are interested in giveaways for the prize, so pick something that they'll be eager to win. We suggest going through your most liked products or new releases to come up with the most appealing prize. The giveaway should be something that entices your audience to participate, but isn't so large that it is a hardship for your business to give away for free. Giveaways are the perfect time to showcase early releases or get rid of discontinued stock.

3) Create entry rules that help you achieve your objective

Giveaways work as a marketing tool because of the "entry rules." The way your audience applies for the giveaway should directly relate to your campaign objectives. Are you looking to grow your mailing list? Give an entry "ticket" for every person who subscribes to the email list. Do you want more social media followers? Have people follow your page in order to be eligible to win. Consider offering more "entries" for more work. For example: a "like" gets you one giveaway entry, but a share gets you five entries.

Bonus: Review Social Media Platform Rules

Before conducting any marketing campaign, be sure to review the site-specific guidelines for the platform you are using. For example, Instagram asks that you make it clear that Instagram is not involved in the promotion of your business, whereas other platforms may allow you to be more lenient with your campaign.


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